Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Committee (EEC) is committed to helping our students and the entire East Side family understand the impact that we all have on the environment. The various programs supported by the EEC are designed to raise awareness, understanding, and foster a commitment to protect and care for the earth.  


Waste Free Lunch –  Each third Wednesday of the month East Side celebrates "Waste Free Lunch Day." Send your child to school that day with a lunch packed in reusable containers; instead of paper napkins try a cloth version; and ditch the plastic spoon for the real thing!  

Each lunch period five students that are showcasing a waste free lunch will be identified and applauded. Our hope is that they'll then spread the word about reducing waste, saving our trees & ecosystems, and conserving energy that is used to make disposable, single-use products!


Fit to Fresh Fundraiser – And in conjunction with Waste Free Lunch we're excited to offer East Side parents an inexpensive option for reusable containers.  Purchase these awesome products using our exclusive link, and Fit to Fresh has committed to giving 40% of all purchases back to our school!  Just enter group ID: EastSide when placing your order.


No Idle Zone – East Side’s No-Idling Zone is part of our involvement with the Clean Air Schools program. Through this program we are working to protect the health of our students and the health of our environment, and we ask you to show your support by turning off your engine. Cobb County has also adopted a no-idling policy for our school buses, greatly restricting the idling time on school grounds.


Questions and comments? Contact us at  EnvironmentalEducation.espta@gmail.com.