Book-Buying Club

Join Dawn Alexander, media specialist, and the PTA in East Side’s first-book buying club.  The PTA has set aside $5,000 to buy new books for the Learning Commons and the best part is, students get to help shop! Sixteen fourth and fifth graders will work as a team to survey students and determine what books are needed; meet with vendors to find new books; research and budget the purchases; and sort and label the books once they arrive. After all the work is done, the book-buying crew will host a reveal party for the entire school to check out their acquisitions!


Students will have the opportunity to create an online survey, prepare and meet with a publisher to understand the business of book sales and purchases, budget and decide where to spend the funds, help catalogue and see the work that goes into acquiring new books for the Learning Commons, and finally celebrate in their accomplishments by sharing their new books with the entire school.


Meetings will take place on Thursday afternoons until 4 p.m. Students will report directly after dismissal and may be picked up in carpool or go to ASP.


To apply, students need to complete the Book-Buying Club Application and submit to his/her teacher.   Deadline to apply for this 2017-2018 year is Friday, February 16.


Questions?  contact Melissa Cannon